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Management Psychology Complimentary Resources

Websites for personal and leadership development, and partner organisations

Peter W Pruyn’s blog on Adult Development http://developmentalobserver.blog.com/

Otto Laske’s Interdevelopmental Institute – the home of Constructive Developmental Framework CDF http://www.interdevelopmentals.org

The Integral Leadership Review – eclectic free on line journal about all aspects of leadership, published by Russ Volkmann http://integralleadershipreview.com

The knowledge centre for Adult Development , developed by Tim Wachtel – http://www.optimaladult.org

Andrew Munro’s site with thought leadership on all things related to Talent Management http://www.amazureconsulting.com

Khoi Tu’s boutique consultancy for Leadership Development and Coaching http://inverstar.com/

Mark Walsh’s training company for embodied leadership http://www.integrationtraining.co.uk

Matthew Ferguson’s Hypnotherapy and NLP practice http://www.motivationtraining.co.uk/index.htm

Jan De Visch’s blog for Connect & Transform, Development Solutions http://www.connecttransform.be/index.php/english/Blog/

Psychometric Testing

The following sites provide useful information about psychometric tests and their application to leadership in organisations

Site offering a broad variety of personality related questionnaires – go on, test yourself! http://personality-testing.info/

Joyce and Robert Hogan’s test publishing business, home of the fames Hogan Development Survey http://www.hoganassessments.com/content/we-predict-performance


UK based forum for psychometric practitioners http://www.psychometricsforum.org/

Maretha Prinsloo’s innovative psychometric test developer and consultancy business http://www.cognadev.com/Default.aspx

Geoff Trickey and Gillian Hyde’s UK test publishing and distributing business http://www.psychological-consultancy.com

Enneagram Institute, home site of Don Richard Riso & Russ Hudson, developers of the Enneagram questionnaire http://www.enneagraminstitute.com/

Business Schools and on-line business articles

The Harvard Business Review http://hbr.org/magazine

MIT’s Sloan business school magazine http://sloanreview.mit.edu

France’s Insead knowledge centre http://knowledge.insead.edu

Alan Chapman’s free ethical learning and development resource for people and organisations http://www.businessballs.com


The following articles may be of interest to people in the field of leadership development.

Tatiana Backhirova and Nick Shannon “Self Deception in Leadership from a Developmental Perspective”. http://integralleadershipreview.com/?s=self-deception

Maretha Prinsloo, “Towards an Integrated Assessment of Leadership Potential” http://integralleadershipreview.com/6340-towards-an-integrated-assessment-of-leadership-potential/

Maretha Prinsloo, “Consciousness Models in Action: Comparisons” http://integralleadershipreview.com/7166-consciousness-models-in-action-comparisons/

Nick Shannon “Buffalo Maps” (Book review of Nick Obolensky “Complex Adaptive Leadership”. Farnham, Surrey, England: Gower, 2010) http://integralleadershipreview.com/6202-book-review-buffalo-maps/

Nick Shannon “The Business of Spirituality” Commentary on a Presentation on Spiritual Intelligence and Integral Theory given by Cindy Wigglesworth to the London Integral Salon and EnlightenNext, Wednesday 25th May 2011 http://integralleadershipreview.com/3290-the-business-of-spirituality/

Nick Shannon “Elliot Jaques revisited” (Book review of Jan De Visch, The Vertical Dimension. Blueprint to Align Business and Talent Development )