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Organisational Performance Improvement with Management Psychology Consultation

How do you help an entire organisation to improve its performance?


For example, when:

  • it is difficult to attract and retain talent
  • the culture is well-established and resistant to change


  • change is already happening so fast people don’t know where they will be next month, let alone next year


How we conduct our consulting assignments:

  1. We start by meeting with the main stakeholders to get a complete understanding of the issues that they wish to have addressed.
  2. We research the subject area concerned to see how similar organisations have tackled similar problems, whether they have been successful, in what context, and what the difficulties were.
  3. We develop a diagnosis and one or more process models that might be used to address the issue.
  4. We present our diagnostic findings and proposed solution to the senior management team for exploration and critical comment.
  5. We refine the preferred model, and present it again to the senior management team for approval and sponsorship.
  6. We help our clients implement the model by facilitating meetings, running focus groups, holding learning events, and providing advice.

"You have to stop in order to change direction"