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Performance Workshops Hosted by a Management Psychologist

How do you get a team of people to work productively together for the good of the whole?


For example, when:

  • the team are finding it difficult to achieve results and are pessimistic about the possibility for improvement
  • the members of the team do not seem to get along and are critical of each other
  • the team is new and have yet to find a way to work together.


Our Methodology:

  1. We visit the organisation to get a briefing from the team’s leader and to understand the context.
  2. We attend a team meeting so that we can be introduced and witness firsthand the way the team work together.
  3. We conduct private one to one interviews with members of the team to get individual perspectives and to build our understanding of the personalities and styles of the people involved.
  4. We prepare a report that describes the challenges that the team is facing and the different perspectives team members have of the situation in an unattributed form.
  5. We review the report with the team’s leader, say what we have found and recommend a course of action.
  6. We facilitate a meeting at which the team are invited to consider our report and work out a plan of action for addressing the issues in it.
  7. We use the meeting to help the team learn about each other, to break out of their usual patterns of interaction, and to find new ways to work together.
  8. We follow up to provide a feedback loop on the progress made by the team so that the learning continues.

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other"